It's up!

2009-06-07 05:34:59 by JoelBulsara

YES. My song is finally up. I'll be uploading some more tonight :D


2009-06-06 06:23:56 by JoelBulsara

So I have just read one of my comments.

I now understand haha.
Patience is a virtue.

Maybe I should go round the forums?

Now I'm annoyed.

2009-06-03 19:08:59 by JoelBulsara

It's surely been a week, im going crazy and my mind is going to explode!

Where's my approval?

And It's slowly moving me away from newgrounds....

Why do they take so long??!?
Just because it's my first audio submission?

Currently waiting

2009-05-21 18:14:16 by JoelBulsara

Currently waiting for my song to be approved, which is the original unmixed "This Project".

However you can check the REMIXED version, which is AWESOME, by JPSUPERFRESH in my "Faves".